The Joy and Power of the Resurrection

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It has been just over a week now since the brass ensemble and aroma of lilies brought us out of the grave and into the resurrection light. The journey through Lent is in our past, so we can resume our ordinary lives and not feel guilty for breaking a fast or not keeping up with a spiritual practice. Easter Sunday seems to go by so quickly, especially when considering that the six weeks of preparation – literally and spiritually – culminates in services and gatherings taking up less than a 12 hour period. So, what does it mean to live as Easter people – practice resurrection – throughout the year and our lives?

Megan McKenna, a Catholic writer shares in her book Not Counting Women and Children; Neglected Stories from the Bible, what it means to practice resurrection. In response to a challenging question of “have you ever brought someone back from the dead,” Megan stated: “Yes. Every time I bring hope into a situation, every time I bring joy that shatters despair, every time I forgive others and give them back dignity and the possibility of a future with me and others in the community, every time I listen to others and affirm them and their life, every time I speak truth in public, every time I confront injustice – yes – I bring people back from the dead.”

The joy and power of the resurrection we celebrate on Easter Sunday does not need to be a once-a-year occurrence. It can be lived out and practiced in ordinary time (often among and during the least expected) – that’s the hope and beauty of living as an Easter People and practicing resurrection.

“Christ’s message in all its richness must live in your hearts.” Colossians 3:16

~Mindy Stewart

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