About Covenant

We invite you to experience God through the life of the Covenant community.

Ministry Staff

Pastoral Staff includes the Reverend Amy Starr Redwine (Pastor and Head of Staff) and the Reverend Melanie Marsh Baum (Associate Pastor). Ms. Mindy Stewart is Director of Family Ministries and Mr. Kevin J. Lowry is Chaplain to Students.

Music Staff

Music staff include Dr. Jonathan Moyer, organist and Director of Music; Dr. Matthew Garrett, Associate Director of Music; Mr. George Leggiero, Carilloneur; Dr. Kaori Hongo, Director of Music for Children and Youth; and Dr. Jennifer Conner, Music Librarian.

Administration and Operations Staff

Supporting Covenant administration and operations are Este Pozza, Manager of Finance and Communications; Aisha Newton, Communications Manager; Willie Howard, Volunteer Coordinator; Willie Parker, Custodian; Shannon James, Custodian.