Here in the Psalm

As we continue to reflect this week on the journey of discipleship, and how this journey unfolds for us as individuals and as a family of faith, I am sharing this poem based on Psalm 23, which imagines what it might be like to be a sheep guided by the Shepherd who loves and cares for us all.

~Amy Starr Redwine

Here in the Psalm
Sally Fisher

I am a sheep
and I like it
because the grass
I lie down in
feels good and the still
waters are restful and right
there if I’m thirsty
and though some valleys
are very chilly there is a long
rod that prods me so I
direct my hooves
the right way
though today
I’m trying hard
to sit at a table
because it’s expected
required really
and my enemies –
it turns out I have enemies –
are watching me eat and
spill my drink
but I don’t worry because
all my enemies do
is watch and I know
I’m safe if I will
just do my best
as I sit on this chair
that wobbles a bit
in the grass
on the side of a hill.

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