Divine Dance

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In Richard Rohr’s book on the Trinity, “The Divine Dance,” he explains that “the energy in the universe is not in the planets, or in the protons or neutrons, but in the relationship between them. Not in the particles but in the space between them. Not in the cells of organisms but in the way the cells feed and give to one another. Not in any precise definition of the three persons of the Trinity as much as in the relationship between the Three! This is where all the power for infinite renewal is at work:

The loving relationship between them.
The infinite love between them.
The dance itself.
During this season, might we see the weeks of Lent as the space between the celebrations of Jesus’s birth and resurrection. The significance is not only in the labeled “Holy Days,” but in the daily movements where love, forgiveness, encouragement, hope, and faith can be demonstrated and found.

“Give us this day our daily bread.” – Matthew 6:11

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