“Deny yourself and take up your cross and follow me.” ~Mark 8:34

Abandon the illusion you’re a self-contained individual.
Be a part of this wounded world,
and find yourself with Christ.

Set aside your own desires,
give yourself fully for others;
be the hands and heart of Jesus.

Renounce self-protection,
accept your brokenness,
and reach out for love.

Let go of your own plans.
Join in the healing of the world.
You will not be alone.

Follow your soul, not your ego.
Follow it right into people’s suffering.
Follow it right into the heart of God.

Pour yourself out;
let the world pour in;
then you are one with the Beloved.

~Steve Garnaas-Holmes, unfoldinglight.net

This week, we reflect on what it means for us to mourn and to be poor in spirit. As Melanie pointed out in her sermon on Sunday, loss and emptiness can create in us the space to receive. Today, what are you grieving? How is God filling up your empty spaces? How does your emptiness enable you to notice and respond to the pain of others?

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